Dark Lines at the Gum Line
2 photos

There is nothing more unaesthetic than a dark line at the gumline of a front tooth, especially if you have a big smile.

Missing Tooth: Implant Option
10 photos

Contemplating replacing a missing tooth this year? Consider the benefits of dental implants that look and feel just like your natural teeth.

White Spots
6 photos

Have you ever noticed chalky white spots on your teeth? These spots are very common in both adults and children and can be caused by various different reasons.

Veneer Case #2
6 photos

Veneers are typically done to improve aesthetics and can completely transform a smile by modifying the tooth's size, shape, color as well as position.

Pathway Wear Case
10 photos

Maxillary teeth with porcelain and enamal fractures, super-eruption of lower incisors with incisal wear…

Anterior Composite Restorations
2 photos

This week we treated some anterior teeth using a conservative alternative ~ Whitening, esthetic composite and contouring!

Congenitally Missing Laterals
9 photos

Non surgical alternative to congenitally missing laterals..

Veneer Case
6 photos

Esthetic Veneers

New Cases
4 photos

Recent veneer/porc. esthetic case.

Single Tooth Restoration
6 photos

A single restoration on a front tooth can be darn near the one of the hardest and most frustrating dental procedures…

Restore Your Smile
5 photos

Restore your smile with anterior ceramic restorations. This patient of ours was treated by Spear Education as a live demonstration and the result transformed this patient's smile.