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8 Foods That Are Horrible For Your Teeth

May 1, 2015

  1. BREAD: …yes bread. If you snack on carbohydrates throughout the day you should know that you are not far from snacking on sugar. Sports and protein bars fit into this category too. The digestive process begins in your mouth. Your glands release salivary amylase that converts carbohydrates like crackers, chips & breads into sugars! The bacteria living in your mouth feed off of this sugary paste stuck between your teeth making an acidic bi-product that erodes protective enamel.

  2. ALCOHOL: If you don’t think alcohol seem all that bad for your teeth…think again. Not only is there an acid and sugar component to wine and many of the craft concoctions… alcohol also is damaging because it dehydrates your mouth and reduces salivary gland function. Saliva is your body’s first defense for your teeth.

  3. ICE: This should be obvious. Chewing on ice or hard candy is risky business. Yes cracked and fractured teeth because of the hard substrate are the logical issues but did you know that cold ice against your warm teeth can cause expansion and contraction of your dental work and tooth structure aiding in breakdown, cracked enamel and sensitivity.

  4. DRIED FRUIT: Unfortunately dried fruit is sticky and packed high in sugars. Sticky dried fruit coat and get stuck between the teeth and stay in the mouth for hours.

  5. STICKY, SOUR, CHEWY CANDY: Anything sticky and chewy is going to get lodged in and around the teeth, sticking to them longer. Candy is packed with sugar that can remain on them for hours. Many, especially the sour types include the ingredient citric acid. This is a double whammy.

  6. CARBONATED BEVERAGES: If you want to bath your teeth in sugar this is the way to go. Don’t think switching to sugar-free or diet is better... they also have citric and phosphoric acid which can be extremely damaging if overly consumed. My new favorite has become Kombucha. Since it has become a rising trend of the health conscious I was curious about this one. The pH of Kombucha is around 2.5. This is very acid. Just to give you a reference, a lemon has a pH of 2.

  7. SPORTS/ENERGY DRINKS: These are the same as carbonated beverages and some are possibly worse. Again, packed with sugar and citric acid and can erode teeth and lead to rampant decay.

  8. CITRUS FRUITS: Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, Oranges … these are the worst. Although citrus fruits have multiple systemic health benefits that are being promoted now days… they still strip and erode enamel, cause sensitivity, increase the pH of the mouth and are horrible for your teeth.

To promote a healthy mouth drink and swish with water immediately after eating these to help flush away loose food and neutralize acids. Eating sugary foods with meals will reduce the number of attacks on the teeth. Avoiding snacking between meals to keep the pH in the mouth more consistently neutral. Brush and floss daily.

Here is a link to a cute video sponsored by Listerine that gives a summary and is great explanation for children: video on sweets!

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