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Have you or someone you know chosen to replace a lost or missing tooth with an implant? Was it an easy process or were there challenges? Were you satisfied with the outcome? Although multiple dentist and specialist seem to be placing implants nowadays, planning for a tooth replacement requires strategic planning to get the desired result providing aesthetics, function and predictability... .. Read More »

The Single Tooth

April 1, 2017 in Case Articles

Esthetic dental issues come in many forms with concerns ranging from color, shape, proportion and contour, to crowding, spacing and missing teeth; but by far one of the greatest esthetic challenges for the dentist from a restorative stand point may surprise you… is the single tooth. .. Read More »

The Big Picture

January 19, 2017 in Case Articles

When new patients come to see us they usually have dental related goals. Sometimes the goals are very specific and problem based for example an unaesthetic front tooth, joint pain or a toothache but frequently the goals are more general. An example of this would be the person who says “I want a better looking smile“ or “healthy teeth” but often patients are not aware of what exactly is going on..... Read More »

This article has changed a little since its first draft. A profoundly impactful (no pun intended) incident transpired over the weekend that has influenced my passion about sports guards for kids and their significance in contact sports. Last week Tami, my assistant and very pro-active mother of three boys, brought her son Tate in for dental impressions so we could make him a custom sports guard... Read More »

There is nothing more unaesthetic than a dark line at the gumline of a front tooth, especially if you have a big smile. There are several reasons why a tooth may be dark near the gums but the most common is because it has been crowned and the materials used to restore the tooth has a thin gold or metal substructure... Read More »

Oral Piercings

October 1, 2014 in Case Articles

Last month one of my patients who had just undergone dental treatment with anesthetic popped out of the chair at the end of the appointment and claim she was now off to the piercing parlor. .. Read More »


August 1, 2014 in Case Articles

Ever wonder if maybe veneers are for you? What are veneers?... Why are they done? What are they made of? These and more questions answered here... .. Read More »