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Toothpaste is meant to help clean teeth, right? Of course, but in addition to aiding in the removal of sticky biofilm and plaque, manufacturers market qualities such as… tartar control, whitening, re-mineralization and sensitivity control properties, yet some of these features may have a negative effect on teeth depending the circumstances...learn more .. Read More »

Carbonated waters have hit the market in a big way as the latest trend in healthy thirst quenchers. In this summer heat, you might find yourself reaching for one of these bubbly drinks instead of plain water. After all, they boast no calorie and sugar free hydration! But what about the carbonation that makes it tastier than plain water! Does this have any negative effects on our teeth? ..... Read More »

It’s summer time! Even though your dental appointment may not be on the top of your list of fun summer activities, brightening your smile with a variety of whitening options might be motivation enough to seek out dental care this time of year..... Read More »

A current trend emerging from the health and fitness industries are the ideologies surrounding anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation has been a prevalent obstacle in the daily livings of my own life. Read more from our hygienist Kristi Boshetti...... Read More »

...are thinking of starting a new diet, or choosing what you are going to cut out. While the motivating factor is generally to shrink your waistline or to feel more energetic, the benefits it can have to your oral health are often overlooked! To narrow down our topic a little here, let’s look specifically at the things we drink throughout the course of a day..... Read More »

Many people have become aware that sleep apnea is an increasingly common diagnosis in adults, but what they might not know is that it may have started as early as the first few years of life..... Read More »

One of the challenges that we seem to be experiencing more and more in dentistry is patients refusing dental x-rays. Sometimes it is due to concern around radiation and perceptions about exposure but most often the request is driven by finances, lack of insurance or coverage by an insurance company. .. Read More »

When you were last on an airplane, did you consider the number of passengers that have sat in the chair before you?... Were they healthy… or sick? Did they have illnesses or germs … where they contagious? What about the physician or dental office… was the space was properly disinfected for you?... .. Read More »

Lately there has been a lot in the media on “alkaline diets” and the pH of drinking water. pH?... What is that exactly? pH refers to the potential or “power of hydrogen” as first described by Danish biochemist Sørensonin in1909. It’s a logarithmic measure of hydrogen ion concentration in aqueous solution. Clear? Not really!..... Read More »

A common inquiry during the summer months is on whitening teeth. Many patients ask about this as they are focused on wellness, activity, health and appearance. .. Read More »

It’s a growing trend that people are looking for a natural solutions to lead a healthier life. A patient recent asked if there are oral benefits to rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Here ‘s the scoop….. Read More »

Bad Breath

January 1, 2015 in Dentistry Trends

Bad breath is a concern for many, and is not an uncommon topic of conversation at dental appointments. Here are a few facts about this frequently asked topic... Read More »

There has been a lot of hype about lemon juice remedies. - Balances pH - Boosts Immune System - Aids in Digestion - Acts as a Natural Diuretic - Hydrates Lymph System - Aids in Weight Loss - Helps Purify and Stimulate the Liver... what don't you know?.... Read More »

This question has been debated within the dental community for years. Most have come to the conclusion the most important thing to remember is to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Flossing is important to get rid of the bacteria between the teeth that can increase your risk for..... Read More »

Acid Erosion

August 1, 2014 in Dentistry Trends

...The introduction of acids can come from soft drinks, fruit, wine, coffee, sour foods, pregnancy, gastric reflux, or eating disorders, among other sources. These acidic insults demineralize and soften the tooth surface, making it more susceptible to physical damage, even by brushing.... Read More »

Oil Pulling

August 1, 2014 in Dentistry Trends

This currently popular technique is actually thousands of years old. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian Folk method for reducing harmful oral bacteria. Oil pulling refers to the swishing of oil through the teeth..... Read More »