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Holiday Gift Ideas

November 28, 2018 in Products

Need some fun and health focused gifts to celebrate a friend or loved one? Look no further... Here are some great ideas for stuffing that stocking or putting under the tree... all the while supporting their dental health! .. Read More »

On a recent trip to Arizona, we stumbled upon the scent of lavender only to find it in the form of hand sanitizer mist in a charming purple bottle by none other than Dr. Bronner! All while smelling like bright lavender, this hand sanitizer manages to kill 99.9% of germs..... Read More »

If you were to meet Tom, you’d hope that he had all the qualities which would characterize him as a good friend—caring, sensitive, and dependable. Why not ask for the same traits in your toothpaste?..... Read More »


April 1, 2018 in Products

Does your hygienist tell you that your teeth continue to have a lot of plaque or tartar… in spite of your great efforts?  There is a new product that is producing great results that may help you with this problem! .. Read More »


October 1, 2017 in Products

Our latest and greatest find is called the Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush, or the Curaprox ‘ultrasoft brush’. Unlike the conventional toothbrush, the ultrasoft brush is made with extremely dense bristles, to ensure that with each brush... .. Read More »


April 1, 2017 in Products

While charcoal has made a debut in food (such as ice cream and pressed juices) and beauty aisles, it has recently made an appearance in oral care as well. That’s right, charcoal toothpaste..... Read More »


January 19, 2017 in Products

Bye-bye plaque!… Hello clean mouth and blissed out smile! Our recommendation and newest dental product available in office is Cocofloss!!! This uber soft woven floss scrub the teeth clean of plaque. Its coconut infused multifilament fibers sooth the gums and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties..... Read More »

MI paste is a professional product used to help reduce acid erosion. It is the only product containing “recaldent” (CPP-ACP) a special milk derived protein ..... Read More »