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Tooth-e | Issue 14. Fall 17

October 1, 2017

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As colorful leaves start to cover the ground, the change of the season reminds us of the accompanied craziness of fall. Back to school, back to sports, focus on kids, busy work schedules and upcoming holidays all add up to less time outdoors and pushing our systems to their max. There is an art-form to staying healthy during the fall and winter months when our body and immune system takes a “butt-kicking”. Of course, steering clear of people who are fighting a bug, getting enough quality sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising seem like no-brainers, but let’s not underestimate the importance of finding the time to play! “PLAY” may seem like an odd thing to include in a list of ways to stay healthy, however, keeping connected with the positive and uplifting energy that comes from “play” can help our emotional and psychological health and pull one up when they feel run down.

This issue of tooth-e focuses on wellness and maintaining your health. Whatever you have planned this fall as the holidays approach, may you find balance and stay healthy for yourself, your family and those around you.

Dr Jill, Dr Melissa & Team


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One of the challenges that we seem to be experiencing more and more in dentistry is patients refusing dental x-rays. Sometimes it is due to concern around radiation and perceptions about exposure but most often the request is driven by finances, lack of insurance or coverage by an insurance company.

I once heard a story about a patient refusing x-rays and the doctor jokingly tied a blindfold around his eyes and requested for the mirror. In demanding “no x-rays” this is essentially what the patient is asking us to do… to diagnose and treat blind.


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Many people have become aware that sleep apnea is an increasingly common diagnosis in adults, but what they might not know is that it may have started as early as the first few years of life. Considering so much rapid neurologic development is happening in a children’s brain during the early years, even minor airway limitations during sleep can have negative long-term consequence on a child’s health. The exciting news is that just knowing this may allow us to help us prevent it!

How do you know if your child might be suffering from airway issues?



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CURAPROX - This toothbrush has how many bristles?!

Since our recent discovery of Curaprox “Black is White” charcoal toothpaste (refer to the trends in dentistry article here), the Hansen & Associates team decided to further investigate products from this emerging Swedish dental brand. Our latest and greatest find is called the Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush, or the Curaprox ‘ultrasoft brush’. Unlike the conventional toothbrush, the ultrasoft brush is made with extremely dense number of bristles, to ensure that with each brush you are removing plaque and bacteria as thoroughly as possible.



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THE NEW SCIENCE OF LEARNING:Putting our Best Learning Skill into Practice

Although this book recommendation is unlike our standard romance or adventure novels, I find it rather appropriate as we all settle into the school and work season that accompanies fall. In “The New Science of Learning”, is especially great for high school or college students in preparation for their upcoming year of studies I would highly recommend it to adults who considers themselves a “life-time-student” and lead a life of learning. 



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This is the time of year when everyone seems to be getting run down and sick. Whether you are fighting the “crummies” or wanting to remain at full strength, this wellness shot is packed with vitamins and nutrients that will quiet your cold and help boost your immunity!

Ingredients & Directions...READ ON

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As the warm season ends, one of the ways my family traditionally celebrates the end of our summer is by taking our annual trip to Alaska to visit family and go halibut fishing. Following our fishing trip, one of our family’s favorite dishes to make with our bounty of fresh fish is halibut stew. With pan-cooked halibut sitting in cooked lemon juice, tomato, and fresh basil served over quinoa, it’s fresh taste and simple list of ingredients makes this dish particularly easy to make. It is also a great way to incorporate more fish into your family’s diet! For more information, the recipe is as follows:

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  1. The total number of days the average American spends brushing his or her teeth is roughly 38.5 days.

  2. Like fingerprints, every everyone’s tongue ‘print’ is different.

  3. More than 51 million hours of school are lost each year by children due to dental related illness. 


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FISH FOOD DRIVE: The whole month of November we will be collecting donations for the Gig Harbor FISH food back to support and supply local families in need for the upcoming holidays.
PLEASE BRING DONATIONS with you to your upcoming visit or stop by to drop them off.

October 6 - “Sweeney Todd” t the Paradise Theatre
October 7 - First Saturday Art Walk
October 7 - Scarecrow Festival
October 26 Gig Harbor Film Festival at the Galaxy Theatre in Uptown
October 31 - Trick or Treat in the Harbor and at Uptown
November 9 - Girl’s Night Out presented by the Downtown Waterfront Alliance
November 18 - “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!”
November 23 - Turkey Trot
December 1 - Deck the Harbor Decorating Contest
December 2 - Gig Harbor Annual Tree Lighting
December 7 - Candlelit Christmas in the Harbor

For more information click here to view the Gig Harbor event webpage.

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