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Issue 6. March 2015

March 1, 2015

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Traveling in Africa this February I was quite moved by the people, the poverty and yet the sense of community. They have so little in the sense of material wealth but they are happy and appreciate life nonetheless. They have very limited access if any to dental care let alone owning a toothbrush in many cases…something we so easily take for granted. On my return I was approached by a patient who was researching the effects of carbonated beverages on teeth. The aspiring young scientist is an 11-year-old named Claire. I was inspired by her enthusiasm and energy when discussing her project; and this reminded me that it is the season of new beginnings and growth. These events and the emerging spring make me take notice of all the people and things I am thankful for. We at Hansen & Associates appreciate all of our patients. Thank you for inspiring us to continue to be better scientists and clinicians and individuals.
Jill & team

Trends in Dentistry

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse?
It’s a growing trend that people are looking for a natural solutions to lead a healthier life. A patient recent asked if there are oral benefits to rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Here ‘s the scoop…
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Gig Harbor & Water Fluoride
Many of our patients are under the assumption that there is fluoride in their drinking water. After recent research of the water services in the local area, we have an update on this topic. At this time, there is no detectable or added fluoride to any of the public water supplies. It has been common knowledge that well and bottled water don’t contain fluoride, however most people think their public water does. The City of Gig Harbor and WA Water Service Co. are the two main water suppliers in the area, neither of which has fluoride added to their water.
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Claire's Science Project: Soda &tooth Decay
Claire studied tooth decay and learned that bacteria living on teeth cause it. The bacteria feed off of carbohydrates from the food and drink we eat and create an acidic bi-product that breaks down the tooth structure. Claire wanted to test soda beverages to see which has the greatest impact. Claire decided to test: Coke (39g), Diet Coke (0g), Diet Lime Coke (0g), Root Beer (43g), Sprite (38g). Her control was water.
Claire’s Hypothesis: “I believe the root beer will rot and stain the teeth the fastest because it has 43 grams of carbohydrates, which is the most.” Click here for the full science project

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Did You Know?

• In 1994, a West Virginia prison inmate braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall, and escaped!
• 50% of people surveyed say that a person’s smile is the first physical trait they notice.
• The Romans, in 200 AD, used pretty impressive dental technology! They restored cavity-ridden teeth with gold crowns, and utilized fixed bridgework to fix gaps from missing teeth. They also used a form of toothpaste concocted from honey and crushed eggshells.

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Recipes & Recommendations

Hershey Kiss Cookie Recipe
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The Life We Bury
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Community Events & Announcements

• April 4th Easter Egg Hunt at Sehmel Homestead Park, 12-2:00 pm
• April 9th Second Thursday Art Walk, downtown Gig Harbor, 5-8:00 pm
• April 9th Thursday Night Out, downtown Gig Harbor
• April 11th Carl Tosten Olalla House Concerts, 12970 Olalla Valley Rd SE, Olalla, 7:00 pm
• April 17-May Paradise Theatre “The Glass Menagerie” (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)
• April 22nd Happy Earth Day!
• May 9th Mother-Son Dance at Sehmel Homestead Park, 7-9:00 pm,
• May 9th Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellies Olalla House Concerts, 12970 Olalla Valley Rd SE, Olalla, 7:00 pm
• May 14th Olalla House Concerts, 12970 Olalla Valley Rd SE, Olalla, 7:00 pm
• May 14th Thursday Night Out, downtown Gig Harbor

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