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Issue 7. May 2015

May 1, 2015

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I’ve been watching my children grind through the last days of the school year anxiously wishing for summer vacation to come sooner. They nervously chew nails over all that needs to be done to finish up and daydream about having no homework. Within the next few weeks’ children everywhere will hear the last dismissal bell of the day and of the school year.

I believe stepping away from the rigorous academic and athletic schedule is great although I don’t want my children (or myself) to float through the summer mindlessly. I am already working on my summer “to-do” list. It goes something like this… read 3 books, exercise regularly, get my dental work done…. Yes, unfortunately being a dentist does not preclude me personally from needing dental work. So that covers my goals but where is the fun? It can be a somewhat daunting task keeping my kids entertained and thinking of new activities to do together. 
As my family shifts into summer mode I am reminded of about how much I enjoy being outside. I am looking forward to barbecuing on warm nights, having dinner al fresco, hiking in the sun, laying on the grass watching the stars and making trips to the waterfront smothered in sunscreen…but most importantly I am looking forward to meaningful time doing these things with my family.
I wish you all a momentous and productive summer!
See below for the team’s recommendations of some fun things to do this summer…besides dental work!

~Dr Hansen

Trends in Dentistry

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Announcements: A Tribute and New Team Members!

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H&A's Favorite Summer Traditions

With summer approaching, staying active is on everyone’s mind. Each team members has shared a few of their favorite summer traditions. We’ve compiled the list in hopes of inspiring you to try something new this summer!
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Dr Hansen –Growing up in Alaska I spent much of my childhood fishing for halibut and salmon but have little experience using a fly-rod. This summer I am determined to take fly-fishing lessons. The Gig Harbor Fly-Shop offers scheduled classes and lessons. Details

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Dr Kim – Picking organic blueberries, raspberries and Marion berries at local “U-Pick” farms. My kids eat the fresh picked but we also like to make homemade jam and freeze some fresh berries for toping ice cream. The Blueberry Farm, Poulsbo (360)773-8812 Details

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Beth- Our family spends time on our boat during the summer. Watching my grandchildren grow up learning about boating brings me great joy. We take our boat everywhere. I suggest a trip up to the San Juan’s or Victoria. Details

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Angel- During the summer I take every opportunity I can to be outdoors and enjoying Northwest weather. There are many wonderful zoos, parks and trails to explore. I like to bring along a blanket and picnic lunch. Details, City of Gig Harbor

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Carrie- In the summer we like to take put our kayaks in the water and explore the harbor around coves and docks. You can rent kayaks at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop right at the bottom of Pioneer and put them in at Skansie Brothers Park. Details

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Tami – I always look forward to paddle boarding in the harbor. It’s a lot of fun, super easy to learn and a good activity to do with friends or family. Details

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Wendie – Head up to the Gorge Amphitheatre for a concert. The view is breathtaking and in makes a great weekend getaway with family or friends. Stay at Cave B for hotel accommodations or Wild Horse Campgrounds in Quincy. They have transportation to the Gorge. Look up concerts soon! The Gorge, Cave Binn Hotels, Campgrounds

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Tianna- Enjoy an outdoor concert or movie. Here are links to just a few of the opportunities available this summer in the Harbor and surrounding area. Gig Harbor Outdoor Cinema, Gig Harbor Guide, Paradise Theater

Did You Know?

• An average American spends 38.5 total days brushing teeth over a lifetime
• The soreness you feel when you burn your mouth on the mozzarella cheese has a name-pizza palette
• Giraffes only have bottom teeth

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Honey Prawns Recipe
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Mint Julep Recipe
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This American Life
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Community Events:

• Gig Harbor’s Farmers Market
• Saturday at the former Peninsula Gardens 9-3 &
• Sunday at Up Town 11-4.
• Waterfront Farmer’s Market
• Thursdays beginning June 4th- Skansie Brothers Park 3-7p
• Summer Sounds at Skansie - concert series
• Wild Life Watch
• PT Trolley Tour Gig Harbor June 5- Sept 7
• May 23 Gig Harbor Street Scramble
• June 6-7 Maritime Gig Festival & Blessing of the Fleet – downtown
• June 7 Family Introduction to Geo-caching
• July 10 Outdoor Cinema: Space Balls 9:15p @ Donkey Creek
• July 11 Outdoor Cinema: ET 9:15p @ Skansie Brothers Park
• June 14 Harbor Wild Life Beach Walk
• June 16 The Coats Skansie Brothers Park 6:30-8p
• June 23 Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band Skansie Bros. Park 6:30-8p
• June 27-28 Garden Tour
• July 7 Hook Me Up Skansie Bros. Park 6:30-8p

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