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Tooth-e | Issue 16. Spring 18

April 1, 2018

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Spring Greetings Patients and Dental Friends!

We just celebrated Dr. Melissa Spaulding’s 1-year anniversary in the practice and are very excited to announce her increased scheduling availability as she is now in the practice every Monday and Wednesday. Dr. Spaulding recently took some advanced courses on dental composite in the esthetic zone and has become involved in a dental study club with fifteen other local dentists. She and her husband recently planted roots in the harbor and are becoming more involved in the local community.

Dr. Hansen just returned from a week of continuing education Northern Italy with some of the world’s most elite dentists/specialists. The topics presented ranged from research on ceramic implants, to biomechanics of implant-restoration connections, to orthodontic treatment of periodontal compromised patients. The time spent learning was incredibly valuable and was balanced with some fun skiing and exploring.

For those of you who don’t know the “pup in the pic”, this is Oakley our yellow labrador and team mascot. All of us here at H&A (including Oakley) are very anxious for some warmer, drier weather. Stay healthy and enjoy this issue of tooth-e. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Drs Jill & Melissa & Team


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CHOCOLATE… a FLUORIDE alternative?

Yes, but not the type of chocolate you are thinking of! Health benefits associated with cacao bean have been challenged over the years but in 2013 at the American Dental Association’s Annual Session, a new benefit of was presented; a study showing that researchers found organic extract naturally occurring in cacao’s theobromine, had strengthening properties when applied to enamel and dentin and challenged the leading brands at managing tooth decay and hypersensitivity. This extract would provide a non-fluoridated alternative to tooth paste... READ ON


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Have you or someone you know chosen to replace a lost or missing tooth with an implant? Was it an easy process or were there challenges? Were you satisfied with the outcome? Planning for a tooth replacement requires strategic planning to get the desired result providing aesthetics, function and predictability. READ ON


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PRODUCT: PerioShield

Does your hygienist tell you that your teeth continue to have a lot of plaque or tartar… in spite of your great efforts?  There is a new product that is producing great results that may help you with this problem! READ ON

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RECIPE: Breakfast Egg Bake

Graduation season is approaching which means house guests! This egg-hashbrown bake is a super easy breakfast for special occasions when you have guests. You can prepare it the day ahead so you don't have to fuss over preparing a breakfast meal! Plus... it's gluten free! LINK TO RECIPE


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What's happening in Gig Harbor this spring?
... follow this LINK to find out!

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